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Patches [10]
Here are the different patches for the game.
Misc [3]
Here belongs all that cannot be categorized ;)
Rise of Sols [2]
Here is the Heroes of Annihilated Empires Rise of Sols mod closed alpha testing version. Its in version 3.0 now with the latest Heroes of AE 2 engine. If you want to test, register at the site and leave a new version request at the forum... :)

Patch 1.1 - DVD Version (Japanese)
[ Hello Guest, We are sorry to inform you that Guests are allowed only to download maps. To download other files you must login or register. Please|Login||Register| ] 2009-11-23, 9:07 PM

Patch size is approx. 60 Mb.

Changes made in the patch 1.1

  • Introduced changes into the game balance.
  • Corrected many critical errors of the single player game.
  • Added two unique maps for online play;
  • Many small corrections and changes.
Patch v1.1 contains the fixes as follows:

1. Arrows of elf-archers and werewolves in human form have bigger dispersion and slightly lower flight speed.
2. Bottle with poison now adds splash damage.

3. Auras of all heroes modified, new hints added. Many auras act as abilities (see Text\ADD\new aura.txt).

4. Lich fires with bigger dispersion and less splash damage.

5. Damage radiuses lowered, so are some probabilities and flight speeds of:
- Fire Magus
- Cold Magus
- Earth Magus
- Air Magus

Zeppelin – damage radius decreased
Yotun – scatter added, damage radius decreased
Dracolich – damage radius decreased, chance to scare increased

6. Parameters, prices, chances of item drops for almost all items have been modified. A more vivid distinction between classes (warrior, ranger, mage) integrated.

7. Cooldown of Altars with bonuses decreased, so are their bonus values.

8. Magic
Grenade - stuns
Landmine – explosion radius increased
Lightning Storm – damage type and force to Heroes modified. Heavily depends on hero’s level
Summon – frequently summoned, but in low number of rats
Plant wall – frequently summoned, but in low numbers
Anti Magic - cooldown changed to 30 (from 65), duration increase based on hero’s level lowered
Fireball – damage changed
Freeze – percentage of damage against flying enemies decreased to 40 (from 70)
Holy Light – moved to 3rd level drop. Is dropped from strong mages
Magic Seeds – dryads’ life time limited to 8 minutes
Absorb Magic - Cost changed to 300 (from 500)
Acid - Cost changed to 500 (from 800)
Control – now can be used on enemy-Controlled units
Deceive Death – duration increased, parameters changed
Disease – higher damage and more frequent, affects hero for 8 sec (instead of 4)
Siccativus – lasts for 16 sec (instead of 10) per 40 (instead of 50) damage. Hero’s magic protection has bigger impact
Fairy Dust – Cooldown changed to 65 (from 45), duration decreased to 20+0.25(45+0.33)
Clairvoyance – mana cost changed to 40 (from 50), cost – 200 (from 300), Cooldown -2000
Petrification – lower damage percentage against flying enemies - 40(from 70), gives higher regeneration and spikes (100% returns from damage suffered)
Ghostly Prison - Cost changed to 300(from 500)
Hurricane – damage against flying enemies decreased, slow-down of enemies increased to 60% (from 40%), ranged units can fire, but at short distance – 230. Greatly decreased damage against structures - 150+3 (from 200+5)
Lightning Storm – Cost changed to 1000(from 800)
Magma Ball - Cost changed to 1000(from 800), mana changed to 190(from 150), cooldown changed to 80(from 40)
Steal Life - Cost changed to 400(from 800), mana changed to 75(from 150)
Stone Skin – bonus growth on defense increased +0.11(from +0.08), slow-down decreased to 25%(from 33%)
Storm - Cost changed to 1500(from 800), frequency of lightning and damage decreased, doesn’t stun heroes anymore.
Summon Genie - Cost changed to 600(from 800)
Summons – Cost changed to 400 (from 300), Mana - 20(from 65), summons a few rats, life time increased
Tornado - cooldown changed to 25(from 40), mana - 300(from 150). If lots of mana available and need be, one can call up to 4 tornados on the enemy base.
Tree of Life - Cost changed to 150(from 300)
Unicorn aura – provides +10% to movement speed
Duration of slow-down from Orc Rider changed to 0.5(from 0,75)sec
Druid ability when hit reduces attack -1 (previously -2), defense -2 (previously -3), but the effect of abilities sums up. Slow-down -20%, also summed up.
Poison potion – poison effect reduced. Less of speed loss when moving

9. Elves – Altar and summons
5 ultimate upgrades (a unique Upgrade, affects every unit in a nation (provides +1 attack,+1 defense,+6% to movement speed))
Altar and possibility to built summoned units (7 units) inside added
Parameters of archers and Druids changed
Archer attack upgrades changed to +2(from +3), +2(from +3), +3(from +4).
Archer defense upgrades are carried out faster
Upgrades to all mine capacities changed (numbers, cost, quantity of lives provided): +3+4+6+8+14+15 from +5+8+10+12+15+40

Healing upgrade price changed to Food 100 (from 500), duration to 300 (from 500)
Upgrade +3 attack to fairies - Cost changed to Coal 450(from 1100)
Fairies speed upgrade made slightly cheaper.
Fleet attack distance upgrade Cost changed to Food 1000 (from 1500)
Druid damage upgrade added (+2 attack)
The Cryo race
5 ultimate upgrades (a unique Upgrade, affects all units in the nation (provides +1 attack,+1 defense,+6% to movement speed))
Altar added, so as possibility to build units summoned inside (7 units)
Mine upgrades modified similarly to the ones of Elves.
Healing upgrade made lower in cost and is faster to accomplish

5 ultimate upgrades (a unique Upgrade, affects all units in the nation (provides +1 attack, +1 defense, +6% to movement speed))
Altar added, so as possibility to build units summoned inside (7 units)
Upgrades on mines reworked, similarly to the way done for Elves.
Upgrades of Riflemen:
Attack 1 changed to +2 (from +1)
Attack 2 Cost changed to Coal 350 (from 500)
Attack 3 Cost changed to Coal 700 (from 800)
Attack Melee 1 Cost changed to Gold 250 (from 400)
Attack Melee 2 Cost changed to Gold 400 (from 650)
Attack Melee 3 Cost changed to Gold 1000 (from 1500)
Defense 1 changed – Iron 200 (from 300)
Defense 2 changed – Iron 200 (from 400)

Possibility to view map parts covered by fog-of-war added
Upgrades on Riflemen building speed changed -33% (from -25%)
Nearly all upgrades in the Wizard’s Tower are accomplished fast

The Undead
5 super upgrades (a unique Upgrade, affects all units in the nation (provides +1 attack, +1 defense,+6% to movement speed)
Altar added, so as possibility to build units summoned inside (7 units)
Upgrades on mines reworked, similarly to the way done for Elves.
Upgrade on necromancer’s hit points added (+20). Performed in the Main building
Werewolf – attack 2 upgrade changed to +3 (from +4)
Werewolf - attack 2 upgrade changed to +4 (from +6)
Ghost – Upgrade 2 changed to +2+2+2 (from +1+1+1)
Ghost – Upgrade 3 changed to +3+3+3 (from +2+2+2)
Cost of upgrade to Leech Dragon strength changed - Gold 950 (from 1500)
Healing upgrade now costs less and made faster
Upgrade of all units’ building speed costs less
Cost of upgrade on number of catapults lives changed - Iron 1250 (from 4750)
Cost of ships speed upgrade changed – Coal 1000 (from 1500)
Ships defense upgrade changed to +10 (from +5)

Big 3D units have big weight and will not be shifted by collision of small units (will stop getting trapped and freeze\push)

Spells added to all towers
Undead - Necromancy
Elves – Tree Of Life
Ice – Cold Arrow
Mechanicians - Grenade

Balance on heroes’ attack speed implemented. Mages now have much higher damage and lower attack speed.
Animations of magic casting and the spells themselves balanced out and systemized (3 types – instant, fast, slow).

All ships have a faster movement speed

Archers, faster attack rate, higher damage 14 (previously 12), higher building speed – 55 (previously 80), lower price. Resources spent on shots added (-1 wood)
Elves – buildings damage modifier added x10
Griffin – Life 900 (previously 300), Damage 100 (previously 50), less Cost
Pegasus -  Life 600 (previously 200), Damage 45 (previously 40), less Cost
Ent – greater splash radius
Unicorn – Damage 45 (previously 25)

All neutrals have quantity of gold and Experience given to hero changed
Drops changed from nearly all units. More of potions, less of magic.

Gnoll +20% to running speed
Human mages (4 elements) – more HP and damage

Bug with speed of resources procured at different speeds by Mechanics and Ice-folk fixed

The Cryo race
Ballistae – Life 750 (previously 500), cost to build added, defense from melee units added
Conjurer – smaller shot range – 700 (previously 900), more costly shots – Coal 5 (previously 1), buildings damage modifier added x10
Enchantress – shorter fire range – 450 (previously 600), buildings damage modifier added (x5)
Ice Drake – Life 1200 (previously 600), Damage 50 (previously 20), cost on crystals added
Ice Golem – small splash added, protection from arrows 18 (previously 20)
Mammoth changes – Damage 100 (previously 40), protection against arrows  19 (previously 21), buildings damage modifier x7 (previously 15)
Cold Spirit – Damage 40 (previously 30), Life 600 (previously 500), buildings damage modifier added (x10)
Yeti – protection against magic added 6 (previously 4)
Yotun – greater damage, defense changed.

Stream Golem – Damage 1 changed to 6 (from 5), Damage 2 – 400 (from 500)
Iron Golem - Life changed to 768 (from 1024), buildings damage modifier x3 (previously 4)
Tank – HP increased to 2050
Skyer – Life changed to 600 (previously 300), Damage 1 – 500 (from 700), Damage 2 – 50 (from 30), speed of movement reduced.
Zeppelin - Damage changed to 60 (from 30), buildings damage modifier changed to x10 (from 30)

The Undead
Grave – speed of construction changed to 25 (from 30)
Crypt - speed of construction changed to 40 (from 100), Life – 2000 (from 3000)
Main building damage increased
Catapult, speed of movement increased per 40%, construction time – 750 (from 1500), heavily reduced price
Dracolich – Damage changed to 20 (from 14), Life – 600 (from 300), construction time 2000 (from 3000), price increased. Buildings damage modifier changed to x7 (from 15)
Bone Dragon – Damage changed to 40 (from 18), Life – 1500 (from 500), price increased. Construction time increased. Magic protection increased
Ghost – protection against arrows changed to 11 (from 9), price slightly increased
Death Knight – price reduced
Leech – Damage 1 changed to 9 (from 7), Damage 2 – 16 (from 15), price reduced
Skeleton Captain – Damage changed to 25 (from 20), Cost modified – Gold 175 (previously 275)
Vampire - Cost modified – Iron 30 (from 50)
Werewolf-Human – protection against arrows changed to 6 (from 4)
Werewolf Damage changed to 8 (from 5), Cost modified – Coal 20 (from 30) Gold 10 (from 30)
Summoned Archer – Damage changed to 15 (from 10)
Mummy – price reduced Coal 20 (from 30), Gold 10 (from 15)

All the flying units can see the invisible ones

All greater (limited) units now do not require residential places. I.e. they are going to be built even in case of population cap reached.

Upgrade on running speed now gives hero a bonus of 4,6,8% (as opposed to 6,9,12)

All AI’s changed by 70%, better developing, differ in tactics, make new special Upgrades for the entire nation

! Bug fixed – after save AI started doing stupid stuff and trying to go over water

Bug when trying to pull or put on an item, when an enemy or settlement is behind the icon - fixed

! The possibility to view multiplayer game records added. Once the game is over, the record gets automatically recorded into \Data\Records folder and can subsequently be viewed from the Load menu.

+Multiple of smaller fixes and changes made
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