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Heroes of Annihilated Empires: The Rise of Sols

(Rise of Sols Version 3.7 at work)

Bugs to be Fixed:

  1. SUAI works when the unit with SuAI is under human control, it didn't work in HoAE 1. This causes the human controlled units to go and attack the creeps and cast spells on them!!! When units are under human control, let SuAI not run, if its AI who controls them, then its okay! For instance, in game, place a sphnix near a set of creep. It'll automatically attack them! Which is very dangerous when its under the control of human player!
    (Note: The SuAI runs in Editor whether player controlled or not, but ingame, it should have just been the AI who should use SuAI)

  2. Necromancers Dying bug: Hidden Food consumption creates a hidden famine, killing INSIDE units. (not tested)

  3. umc_Overwater condition bug: The umc_Overwater condition acts just like umc_Ismoving condition.

  4. Magic Cards don't turn to red color indicating inactivity when the Hero runs out of Mana (new engine fix not posted)