0:25 AM
September 05, 2017
0:25 AM
Anyone know how to contact Flame_Master?
10:03 AM
Skalls 31st August 2016 smile
7:49 AM
4:15 AM
I cant aregister and I cant dowloand the mod (raise of sols) someone can help me ?
4:13 AM
I cant do register
2:16 AM
9:02 PM
The date is 29.11.15 still looking for coders and players email me at disturbed.2000@hotmail.com
8:51 PM
Hi anyone up for a game? email me disturbed.2000@hotmail.com . And also looking for coders
7:40 PM
7:13 PM
9:54 PM
4:26 AM
its anyone there ?
6:05 PM
10:54 AM
10:15 PM
Is there nobody here?
2:48 AM
4:19 PM
Who play online ???
0:05 AM
Hi :) Who play online ?
5:43 PM
Kto gra na multi ?? Zagra ktoś i poda adres IP
5:41 PM
How play online? ip adres please :)
2:50 AM
anybody online?
3:35 AM
how weconnect because i can not get every time nothing happens
8:59 PM
and yes, sol patch is ok with steam version
8:56 PM
i just come to ask a question. Can we add IA player in multiplayer games? because i'd like to play with a friend vs 2/3 IA
8:55 PM
hi all
0:15 AM
can anyone give me some quick info will the sol patch be compatible with the steam release? also is it a full conversion or can i play the normal campaign with it?
1:13 AM
10:45 PM
hey guy's, hows it shaking? just checked into see how things are going, also it seems that the links to the maps in the download section are down sad
10:05 AM
Hey, Guys! Help!
How to use cheats code in Sols?
7:59 PM
4:49 AM
4:18 AM
yup vinsent
6:53 PM
Is anyone actually present here?
5:21 PM
6:13 PM
6:13 PM
*they *thay -.- dun know -.- ... you guys... shok
8:11 PM
All hails to the owner of this site and his awesome job about stuff for this game. Don't you tried to get some information from the developers about the resurrection of this wonderful RTS?
5:10 PM
Who are where? :-o
3:28 PM
I hope there are still here! unsure
4:43 AM
its a shame this game is so underrated, i bought it in 2007 or 2008 and i loved it.
11:58 AM
so guys, any news?
2:47 AM
I am here again! anything new?
8:46 PM
@Criss: I dunno...I think I need to look up what is the definition of an "advertisement" wink . Cool to see you again
3:36 AM
BTW the game actually works just like they say...
3:36 AM
Heres a nice browser game for you guys to play on: http://www.anno1777.com/index.php?i=300288 use this link to register and it helps me! biggrin ok and remember this is no a ad smile *sorry FlameMaster ^^*
3:33 AM
Quiet as all ways i see...
11:31 AM
9:23 AM
Anyone know why it's taking so long for me to get the verification Email for my account?
6:10 PM
Ohh. Thats to bad.
10:07 PM
things are a bit quiet now, so nothing much really
3:58 PM
I am back again! How is it going on here? devil
9:14 AM
so i guess that GSC is still around, YAY!
12:13 PM
gsc-games site still haven't made an official announcement yet and as of now I am yet to see GSC or Oleg say anything about this! :-o
10:36 AM
yeah they are gone now, look like the possibility of a new hoae is basically non existant
3:28 AM
Wow I didn't hear about this...what????
9:07 PM
i believe everyone has heard the news, by the looks of it GSC is closing down, this is a sad day :(, an official announcment will be made on monday
4:08 AM
3.7 close at hand?
2:30 AM
Xeno made some additional tools and I planned to release it but sadly I haven't found time to make a release yet...I just hope/wish everything would work out right. Thanks for the idea
Peace smile
3:55 PM
As a thought, It might be more productive to create friendly mods tools in relation to creating additional factions or even just documentation instead of keeping all the source modification surrounding this mod. You would actually see other mods appear and the community revive a little. I can see though that it seems as if everyone has given up in relation to this game.