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I am very glad to inform you all that this fan site (http://hoae.ucoz.net) has made it to the official list. This is also the only official English Fan-site for HoAE as of now. There is another one, which is Russian - http://dagoth.at.ua. Also, many thanks to all for your support of this game and all the help. I also take this opportunity to introduce a new Administrator for the site: Ebel Angel as she has proved herself a valuable asset. Good luck everyone.
Views: 1657 | Added by: FlameMaster | Date: 2010-02-08 | Comments (0)

As the tides of time turns once again, another year blossoms. New hopes, dreams and challenges await each and everyone of us. And in this great and eventful new year, Heroes of Annihilated Empires fan site wishes you all the best for this year and years to come...

As for the current news: Rise of Sols closed alpha 3.5 has been released, to get it please go to this link. And Good luck everyone .
Views: 1424 | Added by: FlameMaster | Date: 2010-01-01 | Comments (0)

When the merciless swift death dances in a slaughter of the four
factions bent on destroying each other, alone shalt rise a fiery player
to own the slaughter....This time its not about armies but thousands of
soldiers trusting their fate in your hands, Its about choice taken by
Heroes to lead their armies to their ultimate fate, be it victory or
doom. Mixing RPG style with RTS style and introducing a never before
seen style of Play, The Rise of Sols will cast a spell of Ultimacy on
you....Are you ready to look Closer?

Welcome to hoae.ucoz.com. It has been 2 years since the release of Heroes of Annihi ... Read more »
Views: 3159 | Added by: FlameMaster | Date: 2009-12-13 | Comments (6)

Hi everyone,
Welcome to hoae.ucoz.net hosted on the Ucoz server. The site is now in Beta 4 stage, with a lot of bugs fixed at high resolutions. There are more bugs that need fixing but I'll get around it. I also managed to release a public closed test version of Rise of Sols alpha 3.0.
To test it, PLEASE REGISTER. It is because only if we helped each other could we restore the game and create a great mod. it is because I accept that I need help in play testing and balancing the mod, I would require Ideas as well. Hope I get some help from someone....

Flame Master
Views: 1120 | Added by: FlameMaster | Date: 2009-12-06 | Comments (0)

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