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Heroes of Annihilated Empires: Rise of Sols.

Heroes of Annihilated Empires: The Rise of Sols, is a mod which is now in its alpha stage. I started modding initially for cheating but when I knew I could make it a notch better, I went into the game's inside and found treasures which were hidden deep within the engine. Now here are the changes in the mod. If you cannot find any of the listed changes in the mod, then immediately report it in the forum support section.


  a) Main Menu:
      Main menu: There are two random interfaces.
       One is an Elven interface (the game's default)
        Elven Interface

       The other is the Undead interface
        The Undead Interface
        Loading Percent: Loading percent is now shown at the main loading screen

  b) Rise of Sols Desk:
      The mod adds a "Rise of Sols" desk to the Main-menu  below the "Multiplayer" desk.
      This menu holds the sub desks listed below:

      About Mod - About the mod version and information on where to get support from.
      Encyclopedia - Gives detailed information on all aspects of the game (Incomplete)
      The Great Conflict - Starts the turn based campaign (Concept)
      Editor - Starts the ingame Map editor/Mod Editor

  c) Skirmish Desk:

          Battles mode: This allows the player to relive the great battles of Aquador.  (Incomplete)
          Detailed Preview mode: Allows an overhead preview of the map,  just as how the player would encounter it in the game.
                                             It also gives a detailed description of maps. (Image below)

          Loading tips: Loading tips have been added to the loading menu of the game.

  d) Game Interface:
        The game interface changes are listed below:

          Encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia is also available from the in-game interface. (Incomplete)
          Help: A help desk can be found next to the Menu option at the top of the interface.

          Idle Peasant button: Helps the player to select Idle peasants
          Peasant Autowork toggle: Allows the user to decide whether peasants should work automatically or not.
          Auto shoot toggle: Allows the user to choose whether to allow the building to automatically fire at enemies or not.

          Patrol option: Added a patrol option instead of the move option.
          Formation Interface: The game interface framework to support formations have been added.
          Epic Camera: Zoom in and Zoom out changed to epic dimensions
          Text added: When units miss attacks, text pops up saying 'missed'

  e) Editor Interface:
          The Editor interface changes are as listed below:

            Tools: The old tool bar with limited and dysfunctional tools have been replaced by a new and improved Tool-menu (GSC ~ Inherited from HoAE2 engine)
            Editor Dialogs: The Editor dialogs before(left) and modded(right)

            All Editor tools: All editor toolset now features some old tools from the Cossacks 2 engine.

  e) Preferences Interface:
          The Preferences interface changes are as listed below:

            Selection Type: There is a selection type changer added to the Preferences menu under the Game tab
            Post Effects Rendering: A new tab can be found near the game tab, which you can use to enable Post alpha effects and bloom effects.

              This picture shows an image in "High Graphics settings" with Anti Aliasing and Reflections disabled but with Post alpha rendering enabled.
              The system of post alpha rendering is inherited from the HoAE 2 engine. The strings for interface was done by Xeno (Riccardo Dini)