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Project alpha 3.7 in progress
Heroes of Annihilated Empires: The Rise of Sols

(Rise of Sols Version 3.7 at work)

Bugs to be Fixed:             

Credits: Xeno

Fixed Bugs:
  1. Auras and Ability blink causing parameter to be constantly readjusted. This destroys the point of having them constantly in the first place.

  2. "Lives" parameter in the Skirmish menu not working again!

  3. SUAI works when the unit with SuAI is under human control, it didn't work in HoAE 1. This causes the human controlled units to go and attack the creeps and cast spells on them!!! When units are under human control, let SuAI not run, if its AI who controls them, then its okay! For instance, in game, place a sphnix near a set of creep. It'll automatically attack them! Which is very dangerous when its under the control of human player!
    (Note: The SuAI runs in Editor whether player controlled or not, but ingame, it should have just been the AI who should use SuAI)

  4. Necromancers Dying bug: Hidden Food consumption creates a hidden famine, killing INSIDE units.

  5. umc_Overwater condition bug: The umc_Overwater condition acts just like umc_Ismoving condition.

  6. Certain spell graphics are not being rendered correctly.

  7. Magic Cards don't turn to red color indicating inactivity when the Hero runs out of Mana

  8. Mechanics Population Limit Upgrade bug

Features to Implement:

  1. It'd be awesome if the AI played for you in RTS+RPG mode. They could build and gather resources and produce units. The player can fight the enemy AI with his hero and units, unlike in any games I have known! I made an AI in "Data\RiseofSols\UnAI\ULTIMATE.ai.xml" (The file is attached here. Please put the file in the specified location). Can you make it in such a way that, after the hero is reclaimed, this AI initiates? You know that this AI initiates when the Player's villagers start constructing a Town-Center.
    NB: The AI is only capable of constructing a town center for now! The AI should only initiate for the player and not the Computer. The AI should initiate for all the human players in a multiplayer game. (Postponed! to 3.8)

  2. There is a "FishingLink" in the game. With "Nature.cpp" having FISHING icons. Can you think of a way to export this into "VUI_Actions"? So that these icons from Cossacks and AC can work in HoAE.(Postponed! to 3.8)

  3. Can Magic Cards be mixed or be products in the "Cookbook"?

  4. Rotation of buildings when placed on field (Postponed! to 3.8)

Features Implemented:
  1. Cookbook only works for Artifacts (Item clothe), Can you make it work for "Item Bottles" as well?

  2. Can a parameter be added to "Unitabilityeditor" so that some spells cannot be pointed over water? like <OverWater></OverWater> ? Spells like teleport cast over water mean disaster.

  3. The AI router - Can you please add a condition for difficulty and also another condition for Map name. Because then, there can be specific AI for specific difficulty. With map name condition, there can be specific AI to take advantage of the maps. There is a "difficulty" condition from "AI Editor" or the "AIscripts cpp&h" and a "Mapname" condition in "AmbientSoundscript.cpp/h"

  4. SuAI is casted on Neutrals without consideration to the enemy. An "AttackNeutrals" option is needed.

GSC Assisted Feature/Bug Catalog:

  1. "WaterBlobs" and "Run Dust", all seems to be inactive in HoAE. Engine settings seem to have little information regarding this (Works Partially!)

  2. Can you make something like POSPOINTS2 from the original "POSPOINTS" in NewMon.cpp? This time with a "Z axis"

  3. Monsters with "MOTIONSTYLE SHEEP" tend to have heavy path-finding bugs. While Monsters with SINGLESTEP motionstyle seems to act without bugs. This plague the ships in all GSC RTS games. This causes ships to not obey the commands of AI when directed towards the player.

GSC Assisted Implementation/Fix:
  1. "HIGHFLYING" units were unaffected by ARTDEPO and INDEPO commands (unlimited Special unit production) (Vitality Lisenko)

Gameplay Features/Fixes:
  1. Add spells: Call to Life, Ice Novae, Mist, Geyser, Rain of Ice, Frost Bite, Call of Elements, Sub Zero, Frostmorph, Icewave, Inferno, Blaze, Focus Burst, Charred Ember, Doom Furnace, Hellspawn, Transform, Discharge, Death Bolt, Mana Burn, Rejuvenation, Thunder, Black Magic, Ancient Plague, Necromorph, Death Sweep, Ghost Morph, Judgment Day, Chaos Shard, Nurture, Frost Armour, Aura of Frost, Transport Chain, Soul Blaze, Wrath Dispel, Nexus Spirit, Divine Intervention, Punish.

  2. Add Potions for potion mixing, add new recipes for heroes to use.

  3. Add two upgrades that changes the Sol gameplay course.
    -The Path of Faith ~ Gives a Miraculous prophet.
    -The Path of Doom ~ Unlocks the Daemons, Slaves will now be sacrificed.

  4. Dynamic Spell differentiation in Water and Land

  5. Dynamic Auras and Abilities, that act more like special attributes.

  6. Make new AI for all nations that shows diversity in all levels.
Gameplay Features/Fixes Implemented:
  1. Spells: Portal, Blink, Frost Bolt
  2. Recheck weak spells and balance them: Blindness
  3. Animations playing at very low pace sometimes with pauses (2d units)

Riccardo Dini aka Xeno - Home Source Manager
Andrew Shpagin - GSC Gameworld Lead Programmer
Vitality Lisenko - GSC Gameworld Programmer
Ejaz Ashraf aka FlameMaster - Game Modder

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49 constablemaster   [Entry]
looks dead Sadge

48 studicrabu   [Entry]
Anyone here? Is this project dead?

47 francisco501gutierrez   [Entry]
any news?

46 Ninjaturple   [Entry]
Man I have been waiting for years and havent heard anything on this front Its to bad its a great game.

45 michaeljackson3490   [Entry]
When will we be able to download this?

44 murtiche   [Entry]
Hi. good job guys. Is it possible to have a real warrior at sols faction. because there is only a mage and ranger but not warrior

43 hardslow   [Entry]
very nice

42 JWC   [Entry]
Hmmmm.. What to do about such a great game? I hope this game will become reborn again in the future.

41 ammoti   [Entry]
Is a alive forum?

40 ammoti   [Entry]
Anybody here us?

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