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Mega Battle (Elf vs Undead)
The game started when my hero, Elhant the Ranger summoned 5 Fairies and turned himself into a statue. I quickly began constructing the 3 town centers. It wasn't long before they were finished. I set a rally point far off from my land to the enemy's path from one town center, which I solely dedicated for Dryads. I started producing "Fairies" from the other 2 town centers. I ordered the fairies to build an Altar followed by 4 Elf Houses and 4 Centaur Stables. I gathered the new fairies and began building a wall, just behind the dryad gathering point. By this time, I met their first wave of attackers. It was a shock to see lightning bolts being fired at my newly completed wall by Necrolytes!

I immediately built a "Forest Academy" and 4 Cromlechs. The enemy waves were reinforced by a Giant Spider and 4 Bone Dragons. But my Winxes from the Altar took care of the Dragons. The Dryad roots bound the poor Spider and he helplessly watched himself getting kicked! But he soon exploded killing off my Dryads. Time was against me! I quickly made 4 Pegasus Stalls, 4 Sacred Groves and began constructing Griffin Nest. The new waves came at this time. It was a combination of Mummies and Skeletons. My New Infantry superpower (Elf Archers, Centaurs, Dryads, Druids) took care of them. I summoned a Stone Golem from the Altar and soon hoarded 4 Ents, 4 Unicorns and 4 Pegasuses.

I prepared myself for any incoming onslaught by constructing a second wall and 4 towers that stood behind it. The next wave came. This time it was an ultimate wave combination. There were lots and lots of Lichs, Death-Knights, Necrolytes, Mummies, Skeletons and Wolf-Hounds. There was also 4 Dracolichs, 4 Gravediggers, 2 Bone Golems, 2 Bone Horrors and a Giant Spider. I summoned all my wit and ordered Ents to cast all their spells. Soon, all the Giants were standing still because of the Ent Roots. The Winxes finished off the Spider and the Bone Golems. But the Lichs were quick to kill all of them. The Wolf-Hounds brought all the Ents down. Meanwhile the Necrolytes killed all the Pegasuses and Deathknights killed my Golem. The 4 Unicorns and my Infantry scattered in panic. I called on the reinforcement winxes who killed the Dracolichs for me. This sent the Undead army in panic. However, Skeletons and Invisible Were-wolf archers were not affected. They broke my walls and my defense.

Meanwhile I recreated my lost units. But Alas! New waves were already on their way and their ships docked near my lands. The Lichs broke to my second wall, but my infantry held and cleared all of them off. The battle got so intense that the frame rates dropped by half! When I started my repair works, I was greeted by an unpleasant surprise. A battalion of Necrolytes! They quickly finished off the Winxes and a lot of my army. When I thought I was winning, Lich's came. This made my unit's defense go all berserk. With low magic defense, they were unable to cope with the lichs and the Necrolytes. All fell one by one, some scattered in panic, others died at the hands of the enemy. They fell the second gate and vanquished my 4 towers. They broke like a hungry plague onto my empire. The deathknights killed off all my peasants while the others razed all the buildings. It wasn't long before my last town center was surrounded and it too was brought down. And in golden letters, the game wrote:
Defeat, You have lost all your building centers.
Category: Skirmish Stories | Added by: FlameMaster (2010-08-26) | Author: Flame_Master E
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5 ammoti   [Entry]
We will wait. Thanks Flame Master..

1 Kong   [Entry]
wow, you really got overwhelmed, talk about being the "Dead" centre of attention of the enemy war machine

2 FlameMaster   [Entry]
Yeah they were like ants crawling all over my beautiful city :P

3 Kong   [Entry]
lol yea, maybe you should invest mor in pegasus's, they are the best for crowd control, while throwing in a few ents to get rid of the heavys

4 FlameMaster   [Entry]
They invested in Lichs and Death Knights. Lichs vs Pegasus, Death Knights vs Ents = Disaster cry

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