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Heroes of Annihilated Empires
Help & Support
This section is for lending a hand to all in despair about the game and its function. Be it small or large, simple or complicated, obvious or paranormal, you can discuss and get help here!
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Thread: Video memory too low!
Posted by: vovakoshmarskiy1991
General discussion about game, its features and the like...
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Thread: Hello
Posted by: FlameMaster

Rise of Sols
Help & Support
Here you can get help for the mod and its features
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Thread: Problems with the Mod
Posted by: Astronomicŭs
Suggestions and Discussion
Here you can discuss, contribute and improve the mod by pointing out the bugs, flaws and imbalances...
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Thread: ideas to improve the mod
Posted by: grzesiu105

Here you can talk about anything under the sun or above it (if you are an astrophysicist or something like that!)
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Thread: How to write a high school a...
Posted by: kellykevin450
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