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AstronomicŭsDate: Friday, 2016-02-19, 3:05 AM | Message # 1
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I'm Astronomicŭs and I'm from Italy.
I was Geomanth, but I've preferred to change my profile.
Six years ago (when my computer was a Windows XP) I've played this game for lots of time, now I'm trying to play it on my Widows 7, but it's very very difficult: I can't read a single letter and there are numerous crashes.  %)
Anyway, it's so sad that Heroes of Annihilated Empires, a game so versatile, was stopped in the first chapter, isn't it?
Fortunately GSC Game world is recovering; finally wonderful news after these dark years! :yahoo:

I've completed this game lots of times and, because it has never been done the second chapter, I haven't ever know Elves' end.
Doesanybody know what would have happened to the Elves if it had been done?

Has anyone ever read an Ilya Novak novel relative to this game (I know that between book and this the differences can be many)?

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dtroylDate: Sunday, 2016-11-20, 10:29 AM | Message # 2
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I would also like to say Hello.  This forum has anti-Spam policies and wont let me start a new topic until I post three times.  So I'm going to post three times on this thread so I can post a new thread in Support for a problem I'm having.

I just bought this game and I'm enjoying it a lot!  But I noticed that when I play the campaign that non of the Cut scenes / videos are playing.  It simply goes from mission to mission and I'm missing the storyline because the Cut scenes are not being played.

Is there a fix for this?  I bought the game from Steam.  I'm running it on a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10.

Any Help is much appreciated!


Added (2016-11-20, 10:27 AM)
This is number 2.  See my previous post above for the reason.


Added (2016-11-20, 10:28 AM)
This is number 3. 

Thanks again

Added (2016-11-20, 10:29 AM)
Test 2

FlameMasterDate: Friday, 2017-09-29, 11:06 PM | Message # 3
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As of now using "VLC Media Player" or "Media Player Classic" to play the files manually in Data/Video is the only way

"A Hopeless heart is the Devil's workshop"
someanseDate: Friday, 2018-01-26, 5:45 PM | Message # 4
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Hello here, 

Some time ago I created a group on steam to promote the use of tactical pause within games: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pausetacticality
Check out our list of tactical pause RTS btw: http://steamcommunity.com/groups....1402758
If you got steam and like the idea of tactical pause, we would be glad to have you there.

Anyway, by creating this group I decided to play test a whole lot of RTS to make sure wether they possess tactical pause or not. Also to make sure that, that list above stands accurate.
Ans thus it led me to try out Heroes of Annihilated Empires.
I am happy to report, that there is a tactical pause, and I guess it's logical since this game, from my understanding, is made by the makers of the Cossacks serie which also feature tactical pause.
/my background

I didn't have time to explore every part of this website, my understanding is that, it's made by fans, and notably people who work on Rise of Sols mod.
I noticed that they remain active to this day, and seem to be still working on that mod. Hats down gentlemen.

I was very excited about trying out HoAE, not that I am particularly excited to play just any game. Lately, playing through all the RTS I playtested, sometimes felt like a chore (Star Wars: Battlefront comes to mind). 
I was very excited about HoAE for a couple reasons: 
1) the number of units: I noticed a trend that, the more units you have to manage, the more it gets me interested. Among my fav. RTS I can name Total War and Supreme Commander. Because it makes the whole thing feels more strategic, and it usually emphasize counter manoeuvres and espionage, and it's more about macro than micro (sort of).
Well I guess, it's not easy for me to explain 100% accurately, but it seems to be a case where it usually makes RTS better.
2) it's fantasy: and I instantly thought about melee units clashing one another - in order to shield archers - and cavalry trempling archers kind of mechanics which are akin to medieval gameplay. But also the fact that there are heroes, magic and active abilities, is a thing I really like to see. In combination with tactical pause, it's a delight.

Sadly my final verdict for both the game and the mod is 5/10. And here are the reasons:
I have to say that, if I was more practical, that rating could fall to 1/10, reason is, because despite all its merit, it doesn't manage to keep me playing (although I am planning on giving it a 2nd chance).
But the reason I do not want to go below 5, is because it has too much nice things going for it.
You know the saying about ''the sum of its part do not equal its merit as a whole''. 
This is where we at.

The campaign: I soon managed to beat most of the challenges simply by killing things with my hero at range, backing up for the enemy to retreat to its origin location, rince and repeat. 
= Boring, = chore.
Now, certainly some people will suggest me that ''hey play like the game is intended to'', and this is a ''mentality'' that I had a hard time to cope with in the past, because if the developpers made that game, they made that game. If they made a certain feature or a certain aspect of the game, they made  it.
Some players make ''rules'' on their own, to limit themselves, in order to better enjoy a game; This is something I cannot do. 

Which leads to - The Skirmish:
And this is where I spend most of my time in RTS. 
Only here, I discovered that AI spam big units (dragons, golems, whatsoever). I was also very surprised how fast the AI managed to construct its base and spam units. Which leads me to wonder if AI ??cheat?? (like a lot).
The main issue: Are the big units.
Remember when I wrote about manoeuvres and counter manoeuvres? Forget that. Your small units will get trumped over. They will get smashed and cut to pieces by big units.
Which means: Big units are the thing.
Which means: You see that badass Godzilla? I'll make it fight against my badass Tank.
And this is where RTS become dull imo. And this is the sort of RTS I don't like to play. ''My big unit against your big unit'', my 3200 hp unit 100 dps, against your 4700hp 60dps 100range unit.

The game is fantasy. It wants to have those big units (which even for me is cool when rightly integrated), but here, the game kills itself in the egg by killing the charms of its gameplay.
Best example I can offer to illustrate my saying would be Cossacks.
You see those ranks of musketeers flanked by lancers?
Do you see those cavalry trying to progress to find a weak spot in enemy lines to destroy its range, or to target its artillery?
Now imagine me spamming Godzilla in Cossacks, and the other guy spamming King Kong. The game would simply loose all its appeal from the archers/melee/cavalry/air manoeuvres, counter manoeuvres. 

That was my main concern with the game.
And I would agree with something, I've been reading people who state that the game has great potential.
And I think this ''potential'' word is often misspoken, because everything has potential (well, commonly), and what makes the difference between something successful is that it managed to embrace its potential, while another non successful thing missed it. 
But in the case of HoAE, yes, there is potential. More so than is commonly referred. 
I can also give an example to illustrate that: Cossacks (I know I might be boring with that, but let's stay pragmatic). 
The core gameplay is the same by 85% if not more. 
There are only a few things that made HoAE miss it, and moreoever, it's fantasy game with many cool active abilities which some players are really craving for. Which, imo, should have made HoAE a better game than Cossacks.

I would like to list a few things that I noted in game:
- Rally points on buildings do not allow for direct orders. For instance if I rally point on a mine, workers will not enter that mine to work in. They will stand near it idle. 
- No speed adjustment in game to slow/speed the action, i know there is a slider before starting a game, I just wish there was one in game (please notify me if I missed it).
- No description for techs: I don't know what they are or what they cost, I just click on them to try understanding what they are, not sure if it's because I installed RoS.
- Heroes spam their spells in skirmish. I don't know why, I tried everything I could think of to make them stop, but they just spam all their spells whenever there is a foe.
- I didn't quite understand the use to have a hero at start who would summon workers and be frozen for 30 min, by design, I think it's just: ??????? lol
- Each successive building cost more is something I disliked, I understood why it works like that, but I would rather have tried to limit it otherwise, not like that. For instance, towers would be useless if you don't put archers within them, or you would need a specific limited power source to them, things like that.
- I disliked the fact that every faction is terraforming, I would have been happy if only undead were doing that. But it becomes a gimmick in game with the yellow dwarves, the green elves, the dark-blue undead. 

- It seems my cutscenes do not work anymore with it.
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