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Forum » Heroes of Annihilated Empires » Help & Support » 3d Editing tools tutorials?
3d Editing tools tutorials?
gangisDate: Thursday, 2013-05-02, 3:51 AM | Message # 1
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Hi there.

First of all, I'd just like to say, as a relatively new player of HoAE.. God it's fun. Myself and some buds have been playing it via LAN religiously recently and we're lovin' it. Especially with the Rise of Sols mod. Great stuff!

Now, down to the point. We were scouring the site a few days ago for mods / new content etc and came across the "HoAE 3d editing tools". Naturally, I began drawing up amazing images in my head of my own brilliant, exciting creations i could bring forth into the game.

Only to find out that upon downloading and installing it, I had no clue; No clue about anything.

-- Start here to skip the 'fluff' and get to the point. --

So basically, I was wondering if there are any in-depth tutorials for the HoAE 3d editing tools out there. I've had a good look and haven't dug anything up.

Thanks very much!
FlameMasterDate: Thursday, 2013-05-02, 5:07 PM | Message # 2
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Hello biggrin
Welcome to the forums
I am sorry for the delayed response, I am getting back into modding the game and making changes for widescreen stuff and fixing some old errors. The programmer of the team who was in control of the source code quit and I am having trouble setting up changes in the engine.

You need 3dsMax 6
Copy c2mExport.dle to Plugins\ folder

Create the model you want, then export it as a c2m model.
You can animate the model and export the animations separately as c2m files.
(Note that a model c2m file and an animation c2m file are different)
eg: A unit like Pegasus has a model c2m file and many animation c2m files that works along with the model file to animate the unit (like fly, death, attack etc)

The Kangaroo tool helps you create particles and also view the 3d models and check whether they work and make small changes to them
Place the Kangaroo tool and the scripts folder in the Data\ directory along with engine.exe

Start the Kangaroo tool. The tool should now automatically be in the model viewer mode. You can use ESC key to bring up the Main menu and get to Effects editor if you want
The effects editor lets you create those magical swishes and lightnings and tornadoes

Note: This method helps you create the 3d units for the game and will not help you make 2d units. To make 2d units you start with a model and you animate it for a specific animation (like death or attack), then you render it and export it into frames with 16 rotations. The frames should then be triangulated and compiled using the 2d tools which you can get from the site.

If you have any doubts, please do ask, I would love to help you with what I can. Since this game is begging for some new units and models for a long while. I've met some modelers but they either went silent or left the job unfinished.
All the Best
Peace smile

"A Hopeless heart is the Devil's workshop"
Forum » Heroes of Annihilated Empires » Help & Support » 3d Editing tools tutorials?
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