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Main » 2017 » September » 29 » A Fix is up!
A Fix is up!
0:31 AM

A mod fix that fixes the undead issue as well as a few other issues is out.

Get it from here http://hoae.ucoz.net/load/patches/rise_of_sols/rise_of_sols_undead_fix/8-1-0-35

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Total comments: 6
6 bassjt   [Entry]
Hmmm...it seems that after installing the base mod and patch, a number of units have their animations lose several frames. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm using the Steam version of the game.

5 vovakoshmarskiy1991   [Entry]
So,after playing,I realized that it's not all problems-the strength of the large creatures too, nothing was added-especially buildings,any building with a single blow, and all the infantry crumble instantly-utter nonsense.Need to get size and strength in the initial state of the great beings to fix the Elves, the limit on large creatures,that would not be infinite large creatures have Vegans.And yet Nightingale was not working the ability of the tower with the last fix.If it's all done,I think it will be close to ideal.It is unnecessary to touch the balance,without him the game makes no sense,why would the already very strong creatures to turn into invincible??the battle of Gadshill??and all the rest are just there?and not for long.

4 vovakoshmarskiy1991   [Entry]
Hello.There is a problem with the Elves.There is no restriction on large units.The trees are in full forest of 10 pieces to get to the base and kill all life.And terribly large models large creatures bring pain to the eyes due to strong smearing and blur model,as the quality drops sharply because of the increase.Please bring the standard size to large creatures.And urgently need to resolve the problem of the elves with the limit on large creatures.And it is not clear that the units forgot the evil Elves-Trolls,Boulder,Ogres.It's crazy.The Ogre would be wise to add Salam or Undead.Please make a fix on the size of the creatures and limit the Elves into big creatures.

3 truebullibulli   [Entry]
it really works *-* still crashing from time to time, but generally playable hoe <3 i have it running under windows 10 64bit in windows vista compability, seems to run best, any other suggestions?

soo, if you need any testing done, i d be happy to wink

so far, i find that dwarven shooters use up your crystal waaaay too fast, was replenished to 0 from 500 000 with 250 shooters in minutes and then they stop shooting...

2 FlameMaster   [Entry]
Yeah, if you have the old mod, replace the files in it with this one.  smile

1 Astronomicŭs   [Entry]
What do I have to do? I have to replace old mod files with this fix new ones?

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