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Maps [5]
The soul of any RTS/RPG game is the map. Now maps matter even in FPS games. Same is true for Heroes of Annihilated Empires. Here belongs its maps
Resources [6]
All tools and resources for the game can be found here...
Videos [3]
Here are the videos for the game. From Trailers to developer diary.
Mods and Patches [15]
Mods, Patches, Game fixes....whatever it be, belongs here.

This patch fixes the undead issue

Rise of Sols | Views: 5040 | Downloads: 828 | Added by: FlameMaster | Date: 2017-09-30 | Comments (6)

Use this patch if you have a Graphic solution above Nvidia 7600 GT. This patch solves the issues the game has with advanced graphics cards. The same goes for ATI solutions as well. I've enhanced it so that it trys to use 2gb+ memory and fixes trying to load auto.sav on windows 7 64bit
Patches | Views: 28289 | Downloads: 6340 | Added by: morgwin | Date: 2010-11-29 | Comments (38)

This tool can be used to open the ALL.gsc and .gs1 files for HoAE.
Resources | Views: 3923 | Downloads: 432 | Added by: FlameMaster | Date: 2010-01-12 | Comments (6)

When the merciless swift death dances in a slaughter of the four
factions bent on destroying each other, alone shalt rise a fiery player
to own the slaughter....This time its not about armies but thousands of
soldiers trusting their fate in your hands, Its about choice taken by
Heroes to lead their armies to their ultimate fate, be it victory or
doom. Mixing RPG style with RTS style and introducing a never before
seen style of Play, The Rise of Sols will cast a spell of Ultimacy on
you....Are you ready to look Closer?

Here is Rise of Sols 3.5 alpha....
Rise of Sols | Views: 27879 | Downloads: 5159 | Added by: FlameMaster | Date: 2010-01-01 | Comments (134)

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