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Here is the Heroes of Annihilated Empires Rise of Sols mod closed alpha testing version. Its in version 3.0 now with the latest Heroes of AE 2 engine. If you want to test, register at the site and leave a new version request at the forum... :)

Rise of Sols mod 3.5 alpha - Anniversary Version
[ Hello Guest, We are sorry to inform you that Guests are allowed only to download maps. To download other files you must login or register. Please|Login||Register| ] 2010-01-01, 0:25 AM
When the merciless swift death dances in a slaughter of the four
factions bent on destroying each other, alone shalt rise a fiery player
to own the slaughter....This time its not about armies but thousands of
soldiers trusting their fate in your hands, Its about choice taken by
Heroes to lead their armies to their ultimate fate, be it victory or
doom. Mixing RPG style with RTS style and introducing a never before
seen style of Play, The Rise of Sols will cast a spell of Ultimacy on
you....Are you ready to look Closer?

Here is Rise of Sols 3.5 alpha....

Hello everyone,
This is the Rise of Sols alpha closed test version 3.5. Read the !Readme.txt before installing. :)
Category: Rise of Sols | Added by: FlameMaster
Views: 27879 | Downloads: 5159 | Comments: 135 | Rating: 4.3/46 |
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133 aegis482  

Would it be Possible to upload the Old Version of the mod? The 3.0? Because this version is unplayable. 
It looks like in the skirmish the AI do not need economy. 
I monitored them, and they make hundreds of the strongest units without any workers. 
I still creating and upgrading, army basic army, when the AI, comes with super units.

134 cboughnou  
if you get a hold of a playable version please reachout

132 vlastimilkrizak  
This mod is total shit build from idiotic mindless imecil

131 bassjt  
So I installed this mod on the Steam version and for some reason, many of the units are now missing frames, causing their movement and attack animations to be a bit stuttered. Is anyone else experiencing this?

130 pansowa06  
Jak zainstalować i włączyć ten tryb have unistall game ? please help me sad

129 zirgsriim2012  
MOD is amaizing! I love this game  soo much!

128 drmimich  
beasts cheat doesn't working ?!

127 Astronomicŭs  
This Moddoesn’t run on my game: I’ve reinstalled the game, I’ve replaced the original "Data" folder with mod "Data" folder.
When I
start the game a small message appears: Loadingfailed…
                                                                         Can’t load locking.

I click on
Ok on the message, the desktop gets black with a white square in the centre, so the game
doesn’t run.
Please, help me!

126 warlok9797  
I can not download the mod the mirror is not working anymore I think

125 kurtkrauer  
How do i unistall this mod?

124 mocksack  
Hey guys, cheats like INVIO/beasts/farseer doesn't work with RoS. Anybody knows how to fix it?

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