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A mod fix that fixes the undead issue as well as a few other issues is out.

Get it from here http://hoae.ucoz.net/load/patches/rise_of_sols/rise_of_sols_undead_fix/8-1-0-35

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Attention talented modelers and programmers. If you can make models or work with code, and is willing to contribute to the game, please consider giving me a PM or sending an email to ejz.ash@gmail.com. Your help will be very appreciated :) 

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Good News,

GSC Game world is back online. In the making of Cossacks 3, based on a modified Cossacks 2 engine.
gsc-game.com received a make over recently announcing the Ukranian giant's return back to the gaming world after it was abruptly closed down years ago. 

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I am sad to announce that GSC Game World had shut down around January 2012 (For undisclosed reasons) confirming rumors surrounding its financial crisis with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Team around 2011 December (when the company denied such a rumor). The company faced with lack of potential investors was shut down (around March-April, confirmed on April 26) and the team of S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 moved to Vostok Games where they are developing a new game - Survarium. Zergius, the Administrator to GSC Official Forums reportedly had no problem with the forums being kept running. However the status of Official Support for GSC games remain in the dust as of now (to me at least).

Vostok Games - ... Read more »
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