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Here is the Heroes of Annihilated Empires Rise of Sols mod closed alpha testing version. Its in version 3.0 now with the latest Heroes of AE 2 engine. If you want to test, register at the site and leave a new version request at the forum... :)

Rise of Sols - Undead Fix
[ Hello Guest, We are sorry to inform you that Guests are allowed only to download maps. To download other files you must login or register. Please|Login||Register| ] 2017-09-30, 0:29 AM

The patch hasn't been playtested completely. Please inform of any bugs you might encounter

Category: Rise of Sols | Added by: FlameMaster | Tags: Undead, Fix, ros, new, patch
Views: 4507 | Downloads: 745 | Comments: 6 | Rating: 5.0/1 |
Total comments: 6
6 vovakoshmarskiy1991   [Entry]
Disgusting,nothing more to say,that the elves have no limit on large creatures,come 10 smelly trees and dismantle the entire time for 10 seconds.A unicorn with a single blow crushes any building,tree, too,and without that nasty ibovo tree now generally invincible if you have large units You are doomed in this fashion,as could only think to make such I have no idea.And these mega-sized models already huge creatures now increased to the size in half of the screen,the quality in consequence of which had a terrible fall at the models and it looks like a blurred fat.Therefore, if not to put a limit on the production of large creatures, the elves did not return to normal size big creatures mod has no right to exist in the mind of utter imbalance and extremely low quality meshes of large creatures.I was glad that Sola now is,and new creatures-well, Yes of course,it was sad.And to add to the elves and creatures that do not fit into the race this clinic.At the moment the mod is not playable.

5 vovakoshmarskiy1991   [Entry]
Pray-make version of the mod,or fix,large creatures return to its original,classic condition size.Can't stand the sight of Godzilla on the screen, my poor eyes,honey I blew...I can't bear it-please do something with this misunderstanding,this cannot be used..Purely cosmetic size to its original state.

4 vovakoshmarskiy1991   [Entry]
У Криальцев(Север,Лед) не работает улучшение на лечение у мага-девушки,улучшение не изучается.И проблемы с едой катострофические.Она просто не вырабатывается.Северу можно добавить Камнееда.)

3 hangphyr   [Entry]
Good to see a patch, and good to see you're still alive and around FlameMaster 8)

2 jackelinekevin   [Entry]
Hello Community,

as I'm not a frequent user of forums it may take some time for me to properly write posts or anything, but as I am a big fan of this game for a long time and I seem to find friends now that want to play this with me I wanna change that smile

I am reinstalling the game just now and want to contribute to the awesome patches with helping to resolve bugs or support the makers.

Thanks to all of the people working in this project that we can enjoy this game again <3

1 evil-max   [Entry]
Amazing! biggrin Glad to see this fix up! Only a few bugs left to squash!

- Limitation on number of spell casts (or is this intended? kind of makes mages feel lackluster in my personal opinion, so I advocate for its removal. I'd like to know how you feel about it, FlameMaster!)

- Neutral creatures not changing allegiance upon hiring camps (but respawned ones do)

- Specific neutral creatures not changing allegiance even after respawning (orc boar rider)

- Inability to use spells / abilities on some units / towers because they don't have mana

Also, would it be possible for you to create a full / one download install for simplicity's sake after a patch has been out for a while? Provided you continue to release more patches / fixes in the future - which I hope you continue to do!

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